Key Deliverables 🤖

The following are non-negotiable elements of every project we do, and is our guarantee for your success:

1. Process Efficiency and Productivity: We seamlessly deliver the most critical and time-consuming processes within your organization – zero disruption.

2. Ease of Implementation: We’ll integrate within your existing infrastructure with a user-friendly interface, straightforward configuration, and speedy deployment.

3. Scalability: Keeping pace with your competitors is crucial, we help expand automation to multiple processes to supercharge your company’s growth.

4. Return on Investment: Simply put, we’ll ensure you reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve accuracy, with a clear business case and timeframe for achieving measurable ROI.

5. Integration Capabilities: Our RPA solution will flawlessly integrate with your current systems for smooth data exchange, synchronization, and interoperability.

Our Friends and Favourites

Why us?

As our name implies, we eat, sleep, and breathe Intelligent Automation. Our team is comprised of Gold Certified and highly specialized RPA engineers with years of experience in Process Intelligence and Digital Transformation.

Full Project Outsourcing

Expert Process Intelligence & mining; required resources (Onshore/Offshore); everything from design, implementation, project management, and quality control is delivered.

Staffing Augmentation

Whether Process Miners, Project Management, Developers, or whatever your staffing challenges, we'll deliver on/0ff shore automation resources for all your short or long-term needs.

Dedicated Team

We assemble the appropriate implementation resources (Onshore/Offshore) to tackle a designed automation project (or partial project) working as an extension of your team.

Digital Workforce

A digital workforce frees up your human workers to do meaningful things like innovating, talking to customers, and delivering smiles. Employees embrace their digital colleagues who remove repetitive and mundane aspects of their work, improving employee engagement and satisfaction.

Support Ticketing

Realised cost and time benefits can go towards reduction of spend with third party suppliers, and allow resource reallocation to more value adding activities.

Document Creation

Automating this process benefits from error reduction, quality improvements and freeing up capacity within teams whilst meeting client SLA’s

Our Work

Below are projects we've tackled time and again and are areas many companies could find improvement & savings potential. Regardless of function, our Process Intelligence experts deliver solutions for your most impactful automation possibilities.

  • Business Processes
  • Human Resources
  • Operations, Logistics & Retail
  • Banking & Finance
  • Utilities & Telco
  • Automotive
  • Government & Services

  • Document classification and management
  • Data entry, extraction, update, and validation
  • Periodic report preparation and dissemination
  • Mass email creation and dispatching
  • Data-driven decision-making

  • Candidate screening and shortlisting
  • Payroll and time management automation
  • Compensation and expense management solution
  • New hire onboarding and training
  • HR virtual assistants

  • Supply chain planning and optimization
  • Business and sales analytics
  • Inventory management and product categorization
  • ERP and marketing optimization
  • Enhanced customer support services

  • Invoice and document processing
  • Fraudulent activities monitoring and notification
  • Customer and account inquiries
  • CC, loans, and mortgage processing
  • Auditing and regulatory compliance

  • Replacement product ordering
  • Tariff/plan transfers
  • Managing order creation
  • Employees having more time for valuable tasks
  • Improved customer experience and faster processing times.

  • Software releases and updates
  • Stock level and order management
  • Automation for the Automotive sector
  • Offering an impressive return on investment
  • Releasing multiple FTE to take on additional work

  • Document classification and management
  • Data entry, extraction, update, and validation
  • Periodic report preparation and dissemination
  • Mass email creation and dispatching
  • Data-driven decision-making


Use our ROI and processing costss calculator below for tailored calculations and savings with Intelligent Automation Work.

Number of Specialists

1 500

Time spent doing mundane tasks weekly (hours)

1 45

Specialists salary (annually)

20,000 100,000

ROI Results

See how much you can save with Intelligent Automation Work:

Annual ROI

Three-Year ROI

Number of documents processed per week

1 100,000

Time spent processing documents per week (hours)

1 45

Average employee salary (annually)

20,000 100,000

Savings Results

See how much you can save with Intelligent Automation Work:

Current Costs (annually)

Costs with IAW (annually)

Savings with IAW (annually)

Don't just take our word for it...

Here's what a selection of our customers said about their experience partnering with Intelligent Automation Work and several reasons why you should partner with us;

Here's what we deliver for our customers;

⏳ Delivery of scope on-time and on-budget
✍🏽 Submission of deliverables tied to the SOW
✅ Compliance with all local regulations and procedures
⏰ Consistent-timely communication with client POC’s*
⭐️ Realization of benefits identified*
📈 Alignment of deliverables for desired outcomes*
🤝 Accountability to agreed SLA's*
🔎 Transparency of project/program progress*
🛤 Agility to pivot while minimizing risk of scope creep*

We're so confident in our offering that if it's not totally awesome, we'll eat our hats!

(*Intelligent Automation Work USP's vs. Competitors)

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"What sets IA apart from their competition is their ability to provide these benefits while also achieving significant cost savings for our company."

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"Intelligent Automation's customized approach and in-depth analysis allowed us to identify areas where we could optimize our processes and eliminate unnecessary expenses."

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"Overall, I am thrilled with the results of IA's work, and would highly recommend them to any company looking to achieve significant cost savings."

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"IA’s customised approach allowed us to identify areas in which we could optimise our processes and eliminate unnecessary expenses."

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Meet the Team

People are at the heart of everything we do. We’ve worked tirelessly to build a network of highly-skilled and reliable professionals on a global scale.

Rob Novadnieks

Chief Operating Officer

Rob is accountable for all operations here at IAw, along with playing a key role in our GTM strategy and partner network.

Rich Owens

Chief Technical Officer

Rich is our technical guru, leading the initial consultancy process from discovery to deployment.

Ash Knight

Chief Commercial Officer

Ash is our CCO, everything in the realms of Commercial & Business Strategy is his forte.

Siobhan Dunn

Operations Director

Siobhan is our Operations Director and is focused on the smooth running of our back office and operations function.

K.C. Donovan

Chief Revenue Officer

K.C is our CRO, he leads our sales and business development function.

James Martin

Chief Marketing Officer

James is our CMO, all marketing, content and route to market activity sits in his court.

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